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Advertising Terms

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When you Submit an Advertising Listing on our website you agree to our terms as noted below.   Key terms to note:

  • Rental Advertising Service does not involve any Real Estate services, management or advice.
  • Success Fee is One Month’s rent for a new 12 month lease

As a rental Advertising Service your listing does not involve any Real Estate services, management or advice by a Realtor.  This is not a Property Management Service and showings, maintenance, keys, collections, etc will be handled by the you, the property owner.

Tenants will sign Our Lease Form and make down payment check(s) payable to “Holmes Property Management LLC”.   You agree to pay the Success Fee of One Month’s rent for new 12 month lease upon Lease Signing (we keep one month’s rent from tenant’s down payment and remit balance to you).

Listings submitted may take 1-2 business days to appear on our site while we review content for accuracy and appropriateness.  We reserve the right to reject any ad which we deem not suitable.  We may make minor revisions to your ad to clarify text, correct spelling/syntax, enhance pictures or fix categories/area/community classifications.

Premium listings add you to our Featured page and our Map for a one-time payment of $25.  We will deliver signage also if your complex or property allows yard or window signage.

You agree to notify us when you show your property to our prospect and cooperate to encourage signing of a lease.

This is a no-risk service… no fee if no lease and no fee if you find someone first who did not see our sign, advertising or website.

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